Tony Lusiba

Tony Lusiba

Tony Lusiba

Tony is an Information and Technology professional who excels at strategically finding innovative ways of generating value and digitally transforming businesses. Experienced in a broad set of technology operations, business services and customized solutions. Specializes in Data Privacy and Data Security to protect company, vendor and customer information. Uses real time analytics to enable timely business decisions and drive improved profitability and sales growth.

Known for his expertise in IT Process and Strategy and Cloud-Based Solutions, automating manual, redundant processes to create efficiencies and improve productivity. Promotes information governance to safeguard intellectual property and virtualization for better business continuity and disaster recovery. As a continuous learner, remains up to date on trends and best practices in order to adapt to constantly changing business conditions.

As a leader, Tony brings diplomacy and teamwork when partnering with customers, vendors, senior executives and boards. Recognized for a sense of calm and injecting humor, seeing the bigger picture with team members, both supporting and holding them accountable for their goals and passions.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Tony when he hired RSM US to meet the information technology consulting needs of J&J Distributing. I was particularly impressed by Tony’s strategic planning, professionalism and ability to translate business objectives into successful technology projects. As a team member or a leader, Tony earns my highest recommendation.

I have known Tony for over a decade and is by far one of the most experienced and knowledgeable IT Directors I have ever worked with. He is also highly respected in the industry with vendors, partners, and all my employees. He is also very passionate about providing world class customer service to his end users and supporting business initiatives. Honestly you just don’t see professionals like him in the market very often that could provide contract CIO services.

I worked with Tony on the implementation of a fiber optic circuit to support J&J Distributing’s operations. Not only did he show a high degree of technical competency, but more importantly he understood the strategic value of the service to the business. He was also a pleasure to work with personally. I would highly recommend Tony for positions of IT leadership.

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